EPAS Almost Done

After coming to grips with the idea that my new electric assist power steering setup in my 1986 Mustang SVO would lose the collapse functionality of the stock steering column, I created my own collapsible steering shaft in front of the column to make up for it. This isn’t as difficult as you might think. You just need the right combination of off-the-shelf tubing and universal joints, but when you tell people you’re making a custom steering shaft for your car, they tend to look at you like you’re crazy.

Custom steering shaft seen from under the car

I’ve ordered a rubber boot that will hopefully fit nicely between the u-joints. The shaft has grease on the sliding mechanism, so I want to protect it from dust and debris. Under normal circumstances, the shaft shouldn’t slide at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if chassis flex caused it to slide a bit.

I need to finish and clean up the wiring, put thread locker on all the set screws, and figure out how to tighten a bracket that is nearly impossible to reach. After that, I should (finally!) be on the road again, just in time for winter storage.

I’m going to drive it a while as-is before I add speed sensitive assist. I’ve been having some trouble with an analog input getting interference from the vehicle speed sensor that I might touch on in a future post.


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