Mustang 2018 Update 2

I got my ’86 Mustang SVO all put together, but it’s already time to take it apart again. Here’s what’s going on lately.


I don’t even want to know how many hours it took to trim and fit the silicone hoses required to fit my new air box, but it’s done! If you know about SVOs, you can immediately tell it’s not a stock airbox, but to the casual observer, it looks like it could be stock, and that was the idea. I’m happy to have less noise from the engine compartment, a fully functional charcoal canister, and it still flows plenty of air. My intake temps will likely go down a bit, as well.

Never mind the power steering pump bracket, with no power steering pump.

The quieter intake really underscores just how loud the blowoff valve is. I recently ditched my Forge blowoff valve in favor of an APR bypass valve set up in a blowoff configuration. That quieted things down a bit, but I wanted more. I decided to use a valve cover breather on the “exhaust” side of the valve to act as a muffler. It doesn’t make it quiet, but it helps.

If it looks stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

Short throw shifter

The MGW shifter feels great. The longest shift handle they sell (“comfort”) is borderline too short for this car. I guess people are looking for the shortest throw possible, ergonomics be damned. The new shifter is transmitting more noise from the transmission than I’m used to. I might add a layer of Dynamat under the boot to help with this. Overall, a good purchase.

Steering rack

With the Flaming River 15:1 quick ratio manual steering rack coupled with the aluminum steering rack bushings, I have the best steering feel and feedback I’ve ever experienced in a fox body Mustang. Turning the wheel at a dead stop is a real chore, though, and it’s difficult to make quick transitions at low speeds. I am going to move forward with an electric assist power steering project. More on that below.

What’s Next

  • I am building an Arudino-based performance computer to fit in the lower console, replacing the factory clock. It will measure things like g-forces, 0-60 time, etc. It might use the same microcontroller and codebase as my Meguinauge project.
  • The electronic assist power steering kit is on its way.
  • I acquired parts to add a speed sensor output from the transmission. I will use the speed data for the performance computer mentioned above, and also a “middleware” controller to add speed sensitive assist to the power steering ECU. It will essentially take the VSS input from the transmission and spit out an output through a digital potentiometer. I’m still working out the details.
  • My budget is tapped out at the moment, but at some point I want to start acquiring 8.8″ rear end parts to swap the rear before doing some suspension upgrades.

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